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Title : The Association of Proteomic Biomarkers (DOC2B & CCL3) by Comparison between COVID-19 with Diabetes & COVID-19

Abstract :

Assess the levels of both (CCl3 & DOC2B) of the disease to predict the frequency of acute cases and deaths associated with infection with the virus (covid-19) with the presence of diabetes. The cross sectional study was (54), which were divided into two groups according to COVID-19 with Diabetes (18) and COVID-19 (36). The current study shows there is non-significant difference in the mean of DOC2B of covid-19 with diabetic compared with the mean DOC2B of covid-19 and there is non-significant difference in the mean of CCI3 of COVID-19 with diabetic compared with mean CCI3 of COVID-19. There are no fundamental differences in the levels of (CCL3 &DOC2B) for the studied groups of COVID-19 with diabetes and COVID-19.

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