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Title : Parenting style, Emotional Intelligence and Career Self-efficacy of Teenagers

Abstract :

This study aimed to examine the correlation between parenting style and emotional intelligence with career self-efficacy as well as predictive factors on teenager’s career self-efficacy in Terengganu, Malaysia. A total of 335 Lower Six students from schools in Terengganu were selected using purposeful sampling method as the respondents in this study. This study was conducted using a survey method with three sets of questionnaires, namely Parenting Style Scale, Scale of Emotional Intelligence, and Scale Career Self Efficacy-Simplified version. The data were analyzed descriptively using mean and percentage alongside the inference analysis that was based on correlation and regression. The findings of this study indicated that there was a significant positive correlation between parenting style and emotional intelligence with teenagers’ career self-efficacy. The regression analysis showed that parenting style (authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive) and emotional intelligence were the contributing factors to teenagers’ career self-efficacy. As a conclusion, parenting style and emotional intelligence need to be improved as they are both positively correlated with teenagers’ career self-efficacy. Further studies are required to strengthen the findings of this study.

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