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Title : Nurses' Practices and Side Effects following the first dose of Pfizer Vaccine Injection at Iraqi Health Centers Affiliated to COVID-19

Abstract :

In 2019 to 2020, people are waiting for the emergence of a vaccine for the Corona virus 19 that will save humanity and safe methods for preserving and injecting the vaccine, and from that moment when the Pfizer vaccine was discovered, and simple people and scientists among them are anxiously awaiting the side effect that will appear on the vaccinators, especially the first dose. The study aims to evaluate nurses' practices and identify the side effects following the first dose of Pfizer vaccine injection at Iraqi Health Centers affiliated to COVID-19. A descriptive study was conducted for (4) months for the year 2021 in Iraqi Health centers to vaccinate people with the Pfizer vaccine. The study took two aspects of the samples: the (25) nurses vaccinated with the Corona 19 vaccine, the (75) participants in the vaccination, and those who agreed to participate in the research. The sample was collected in two different ways according to the difference in the sample, including the observation of the injection of participants by nurses and the interview method and sending massage through the Viber program in the mobile to collect the side effect of the first dose of Pfizer vaccine through 1-3 days from injected. The result of the current study is that the nursing performance is acceptable for all volunteer nurses in health centers at the average level, as well as most of the vaccinated elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases and their responses about the side effect of the Pfizer vaccine towards fatigue and the largest percentage of pain and redness at the injection site. The researcher concludes from the results of the study that most of the nurses who volunteer to vaccinate citizens are committed to the vaccination steps, as well as the side effects are simple and do not have an effective and harmful effect on vaccinators, even the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases. The researcher recommends publishing the results of the research in the media, especially the side effect, in order to increase people’s awareness of the benefit of the vaccine and reduce fear of them, and to develop the expertise and performance of nurses towards scientific steps to preserve the Corona vaccine and the method of injecting the Pfizer vaccine.

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