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Title : Nurses Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Toward Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Neonate at Salah Al-Deen Governorate Hospital

Abstract :

Respiratory distress syndrome is a respiratory condition that affects newborns and is caused by an immature lung and a lack of surfactant. This study aimed to assess the nurse's knowledge, attitude and practice toward respiratory distress syndrome in neonates. A descriptive design study was conducted to assess nurse’s knowledge, attitude and practice toward respiratory distress syndrome in neonates. this study carried out in the neonatal ward in the Salah Al-den governorate hospitals, from the 7th of October 2020 to the 1st of June 2021. A convenience sample of (75) nurses were selected in this study. Self-report questionnaire was constructed by the researcher based on the review of the literature and past experiences studies, Data analysis was estimated and evaluated using of statistical package for social science (SPSS)version25. The result of the study showed that majority of nurses (52%) had graduated from nursing secondary school and (81.3%) of them had no training course about respiratory distress syndrome, and more than half of study group (50%) had low level regarding knowledge, attitudes and practice. The current study concluded that More than half of the nurses in neonatal wards in Salah Al-Deen Governorate hospitals have low levels of knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding respiratory distress syndrome. nurses' knowledge correlated with demographic characteristics (age, education level, level of experience, and gender. nurse’s attitude regarding RDS is affected by their gender, but not affected by Age, level of experience and their level of education. nurses practice regarding RDS is association with their gender and educational level, but not association with their age and level of experience. The majority of nurses in neonatal wards lack of training courses and continuous education regarding Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The study suggests that nurses should participate in ongoing education and training programs.

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