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Title : Necrophilia in Bangladesh: Psycho-analytic evaluation of a case study

Abstract :

Evidence of a necrophilism has been reported very recently in Bangladesh, and the accused had arrested and permit to the custody. Initially, reports on internet-based newspapers have been collected and facts are extracted to analyze descriptively. The search strategy is random on the internet based English and Bengali newspapers cover the event. Later on, interview with Investigation Officer (KI) has been conducted over phone. Each of the facts is integrated and a psycho-analytic evaluation is reported as per fact. The necrophile classified into necrostupum that characterize regular necrophilia in Rosman and Resnick as well as belongs to multiple necrophiliac category regarding Aggrawal’s classifiation. Associated with the empirical evidence, this disgrace activity can be explained by the environmental, under developed cognitive brain functions associated with addiction. Possible strategies integrated with detail neuro-psychological evaluation is recommended for necrophilia from the psychological perspectives.

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