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Title : Job Satisfaction Among Occupational Therapists In Malaysia

Abstract :

Job satisfaction is a set of favourable or unfavourable feelings in which employees view their work. It includes the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence an individual to feel satisfied with their job. Occupational therapist is one of a profession that is growing in Malaysia rehabilitation healthcare system. Therefore, there is a need to understand Malaysian occupational therapist's job satisfaction towards their job. This study aimed to ascertain job satisfaction among occupational therapists in Malaysia and identify the relationship between demographic variables and job satisfaction. Two hundred and sixty-three (n=263) occupational therapists participated in this cross-sectional study. An online questionnaire consisted of demographic variables and Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) was used. Results showed that Malaysian occupational therapists have an ambivalent level of satisfaction with their job (n=139) and appeared to show highest level of satisfaction with their nature of work (mean=18.89±3.31). Less satisfaction was shown in the subscale of operating conditions (mean=11.62±2.90). A significant relationship was found between work setting with the level of job satisfaction (p=0.02). In conclusion, Malaysian occupational therapists have an ambivalent level of job satisfaction. Thus, the management, either government or private sector can strategise to provide positive workplace environment.

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