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Title : Introduction of Journal article discussion in the first year of medical school: Student’s perception

Abstract :

As the clinical practice emphasizes ‘Evidence-Based Medicine’, the medical schools must consider training the students to mingle with Journals from the first year of preclinical medical education. Limited literature available on this concept, therefore, we drafted the strategy to introduce a Journal article discussion program early in the curriculum. This paper describes the objectives, plan, execution, and evaluation of the program. The introduction of these sessions aims to cultivate the habit of reading the journal article and develop critical thinking skills. Also, familiarize with the online resources and formats of publications, intending to develop an interest in evidence-based practice and clinical research. Students found the activity interesting as it was student-centered, interactive, and improved their scientific knowledge. They learned to navigate databases and retrieve information. They were able to understand the basic designs of research trials and the primary concepts of clinical epidemiology. In the process of preparation-discussion, they developed presentation and communication skills. They mingled with the current scientific literature early in the curriculum which they perceive will lay a foundation to be self-learners as future physicians. Thus, the intended outcomes of introducing the activity in the first year of the curriculum were achieved.

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