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Title : Internet Addiction and Correlation with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Abstract :

Internet addiction is an impulse control disorder like a pathological disorder. Internet addiction occurs through neurohormonal pathways. Addiction activates a combination of several areas of the brain related to pleasure, known as the reward center or pleasure pathway in the brain. Excessive use of the internet can lead to mental health problems. Depression, anxiety and stress related to internet addiction. The purpose of this study was to examine the correlation of internet addiction with stress, anxiety and depression. This systematic review research includes journals from the Google Scholar, Sciencedirect, and PubMed databases according to PRISMA which include the following requirements: last 5 years, abstract available and English language. The literature search used the keywords “Internet Addiction”, “Stress”, “Anxiety” and other related keywords. The initial search took up 467 literature. After setting the inclusion and exclusion criteria and reading the literature completely, 5 literatures were obtained. Of the 5 studies that we analyzed, all of them showed a significant relationship between internet addiction and stress, depression and anxiety. We suggest future studies with a more rigorous scientific method exploring the effects of mental health on internet addiction.

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