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Title : Factors influencing medical students' interest in conducting research: A prospective survey-based report

Abstract :

Research has a pivotal role in the medical profession. An observed decrease of physician-scientists in medical practice has generated much recent interest in increasing the exposure of research programs in medical school. This study aims to assess factors influencing medical students' interest in conducting research. A cross-sectional study targeted all Jordanian medical school medical students from June 2021 to October 2021. One thousand two hundred and four students were involved in the study after consent was taken. The data was collected using a structured online questionnaire consisting of 25 closed-ended questions. More than half (61%) of the students were females. 70.2% disagree with the statement that there is adequate training in research methodology. 80.4% believe that advanced research should be part of the medical school curriculum, and 76.1% believe it should be mandatory for all medical students. Only 228 students had a paper published. 50.7% of students believe poor accessibility to data is a significant barrier to involvement in research, and 55.5% believe that lack of funding is a major barrier. There was a significant association between students' academic level and their likelihood of being involved in research. Medical students in Jordan showed adequate perception toward research, but their involvement in the research was inadequate. Medical institutions should put more effort into improving their curriculum to grow research interest among undergraduate students.

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