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Title : Evaluation of the Educational Program of Special Education Teachers Regarding Emotional Intelligence in Mosul City

Abstract :

Emotional intelligence is defined as interacting effectively with people and their emotions in both the workplace and outside of work situations. Consequently, it would affect the way people interact at work and the general working atmosphere [1]. Researchers in this research aimed to create and evaluate a special education educational program on emotional intelligence (EI). This study used a quasi-experimental design using an application pre- and post-test technique to conduct the research. Sixty special education instructors from special education schools in the Nineveh Education Directorate were randomly selected to participate in the study. A 40-question multiple-choice exam was devised by the researcher to assess instructors' understanding of emotional intelligence. Teachers will be tested on a variety of topics related to emotional intelligence and social intelligence, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social management. Using data from the research and control groups, special education teachers' understanding of emotional intelligence-related knowledge categories is significantly different. The research indicates that after implementing the curriculum, there is a significant increase in special education teachers' understanding of emotional intelligence. This research suggests developing and implementing a similar training curriculum for special education instructors who work with children who have developmental disabilities.

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