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Title : Evaluation of Medical Collegian Females’ Sedentary Behaviors in the University of Baghdad

Abstract :

A cross-sectional design aims at evaluating the medical collegian females’ sedentary behaviors in the University of Baghdad from January 10th, to November 1st, 2021. A purposive (nonprobability) sample of (80) medical collegian females is recruited from four medical colleges in the University of Baghdad, Al-Kindy Medical College, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, and College of Nursing. The sample is comprised of (20) collegian females from each college. Sedentary behavior was measured as the amount of time sitting at five different domains covering everyday activities for adults’ meals, transportation, studying, screen time, and other activities during the past day. The study result designates that more than half of medical collegian females have engaged in excessive sedentary behaviors. The study concludes that more than two-fifth of medical collegian has insufficient sleep during the night and the study time is calculated as a high level of sedentary behaviors of medical collegian females. Likewise, the study recommends that there is a need for future studies with a program geared towards health education about the negative health effects of sedentary behaviors.

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