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Title : Characteristics of Pregnancy with Suspect and Confirmed COVID-19 at Sebelas Maret University Hospital Surakarta

Abstract :

In pregnancy, any changes within the body allows an increased risk of COVID-19 infection. This may cause risks of complications and unwanted maternal and fetal outcomes during pregnancy. This study aims to describe the characteristics of pregnant women with confirmed COVID-19 at UNS Surakarta Hospital. This study is a descriptive-analytic study that was conducted in 2020 among 45 patients who were treated at UNS Surakarta Hospital. This research aims to see the characteristics of pregnant patients with suspicion and confirmed cases of COVID-19 at UNS Surakarta Hospital. It was found that most of patients who were confirmed with COVID-19 were at high school level (59.09%). The types of occupation most often found in confirmed patients were housewives and private employees (40.91%). Most of the patients came from the group age of less than 30 years (63.64%). Patients with gestational age of above 28 weeks were more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 (81.82%) with the majority of them as multigravida patients (63.64%). Both suspected and confirmed COVID-19 pregnant patients may be asymptomatic or symptomatic. The characteristics of pregnant women with COVID-19 at the UNS Surakarta Hospital are mostly high school students, multiparous and work as a housewife.

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