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Title : Accidents, illness and deaths from work causes in Colombia and Spain. A comparative study

Abstract :

This paper comparatively analyzes accidents, diseases and deaths from occupational causes in Colombia and Spain to determine which of these two countries is the most risk to work. The research was based on a documentary review carried out in databases, press, government reports, laws, regulations and statistical series that helped us analyze the context studied. Occupational accidents skyrocketed between2014 and 2017 in Colombia and Spain. In the first, it went from 691,156 claims registered in 2014 to 702,932 in 2016; and in the second from 424,625 in 2014 to 583,425 in 201; the figures of diseases and deaths due to occupational causes also grew. In recent years, accidents, diseases and deaths from occupational causes have increased dramatically in Colombia and Spain due to multiple causes such as the flexibility of prevention standards and occupational risks and the increase in workers in the labor market. Finally, Colombia is the riskiest country to work with and with the worst indicators.

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