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Title : Weight and body mass index changes following thyroidectomy: A review and meta-analysis of cohort studies.

Abstract :

There is an increasing awareness about weight gain following thyroidectomy. Weight change following thyroid surgery is a matter of controversy. This review and meta-analysis aimed to assess weight and body mass index following thyroidectomy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma and hyperthyroidism. We systematically searched PubMed, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and Google Scholar for articles published in English from inception until 13 February 2022. The terms body weight, body mass index, thyroidectomy, thyroid cancer, differentiated thyroid cancer, multinodular goiter, and hyperthyroidism were used with the protean "AND" and "OR". The title and abstract revealed 569 articles, of them 18 full texts were screened and only seven fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria. A datasheet was used to collect the author's name, country, year of publication, the study type, the number of patients, and the weight and body mass index before and after thyroidectomy. We pooled seven studies from six different countries. The studies included 1638 patients and showed no significant statistical difference of thyroidectomy on weight (odd ratio, -1.94, 95% CI, -4.68-0.80, P-value=0.17). A sub-analysis for patients with cancer showed no significant statistical difference (odd ratio, -0.61, 95% CI, -1.56-0.34, P-value=0.21). Regarding body mass index, no significant statistical difference was evident ((odd ratio, -0.12, 95% CI, -0.41-0.16, P-value=0.17). no heterogeneity was observed, I=0.0%, P-value for heterogeneity=0.62and the chi-square =1.80)). No significant weight or body mass changes after thyroidectomy. Further prospective studies assessing age, and sex effects on the same are recommended.

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