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Title : Vitamin D status and gene receptor polymorphisms related to breast cancer risks

Abstract :

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. It has many causes and one of these is genetic, as many genes are implicated in the generation of this type of cancer. The vitamin D3 receptor is one of these genes and has been shown to be involved in the development of breast cancer through a polymorphism. It is in this context that we conducted our study in which we investigated the relationship between the Fok1 and Taq1 polymorphisms, breast cancer and plasma vitamin D concentrations in Moroccan patients. Our study included 98 women, 53 of whom were ill and 45 healthy. We tested for two types of VDR polymorphisms, Taq1 and Fok1, by real-time PCR. Vitamin D status was assessed by the electrochemiluminescence method. Our work concluded that there is no correlation between Fok1 and disease stage and a probable Fok correlation. It was shown that there is a significant correlation between vitamin D and Fok1. In conclusion, vitamin D deficiency appears to be related to the Taq1 polymorphism which may increase the risk of developing breast cancer in Moroccan women.

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