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Title : Vitamin D as Prenatal Suplementation Preventing Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Literature Review

Abstract :

Recurrent pregnancy loss is spontaneous or induced demise of three or more successive pregnancies under 20 weeks gestation age or estimated fetal weight less than 500 grams which can be caused by various factors such as maternal age, genetic disorders, immunological problems, previous illness, or nutritional intake. Vitamin D or calciferol is an important nutrient for maternal and neonatal prosperity. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be obtained from sunlight or food intake and can be metabolized in various cells including reproductive cells so that vitamin D has a role in modulating immune systems, hormone secretion, cell differentiation, cell proliferation, and maintenance of pregnancy. Examination of vitamin D levels before planning a pregnancy can reduce the risk of pregnancy loss because the low status of vitamin D in pregnant women can interfere the placentation process and become one of the pregnancy loss causes. Vitamin D supplementation has proven to reduce the risk of recurrent pregnancy loss in preparation for pregnancy and during pregnancy, especially in women with low status of vitamin D.

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