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Title : Variation of certain immunological parameters in recovered COVID-19 patients

Abstract :

Covid-19 was a pandemic infection all over the world. 200 subjects were included in the present study, 150 of them were recovered covid19 patients and the other 50 were a healthy control. The aim was to evaluate some immunological parameters (IL-6, IL24, CD4, and CD8) using the CUSBIO protocol for procedures. The study included 200 subjects, 150 recovered patients, and 50 healthy controls at age range (15-65 years), were conducted in Baghdad teaching hospital/ Baghdad- Iraq from July to September 2021, all patients had recovered from covid19. The following parameter was evaluated using a different protocol (IL6, IL24, CD2, CD8), IL6 and IL24 were measured, and also CD4 and CD8 were measured by the method obtained with CUSBIO. The results revealed an increased level of both IL-6 and IL-24 in recovered patients in comparison with healthy control. Although the CD8 showed increasing in recovered patients compared with healthy control, there is no sign of CD4 of both recovered patients and healthy control. We conclude that the attack by COVID-19 leads to abnormal changes in immunological parameters. The recovered COVID19 patients have had a specific variation in the level of some immunological parameter that may reflect affect some origin in the blood.

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