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Title : Urological problems among Men and Women with Diabetes Mellitus at Al Hussen Hospital in Holly Karbala City

Abstract :

A descriptive assessment study design is carried throughout the Assessment of Urological problems among men and women with Diabetes Mellitus at Al Hussain Hospital in Holly Karbala City for the period of 4th November 2020 to 5th May 2021. A non-probability a purposive sample of (100) patients are randomly selected from Medecin Ward at Al Hussain Hospital were distributed 53% of sample female and 47% male. As regard to all ages. A questionnaire was constructed for the purpose of the study. It is comprised of two parts which deal with men and women which were suffered of diabetic mellitus toward their urological problem as well as demographic characteristics. Reliability of the questionnaire was very high level of stability and internal consistency of the main study domains at the level of items of the applied questionnaire by using the major statistical parameter Alpha Cronbach. In order to test the validity of the questionnaire, it is forwarded to the panel of experts. Data were collected through the period from 1 of November, 2020 Up to the 20 of March, 2021, during the utilization of the self-administration technique (interview) as a mean of data collection from ward at AL Hussain Hospital in Karbala City. Data were analyzed through descriptive statistical data analysis approach. It is used for determining the (Frequencies, Percentages, and Cumulative Percent) and inferential statistical data analysis approaches which included (Contingency Coefficients, Chi-Square test, Binomial test multiple correlation coefficients and Simple Linear regression models). The study results concludes of less than half of patient had color and smell of urine changed & suffer from swelling of the limbs. Few of them suffer from lower abdomen pain, feel constantly urinating, suffer from a burning sensation while urinating, suffer from unprecedented high and low in diabetes, have a high blood pressure, smoking, have the inheritance of the same disease, have other diseases. The study recommends that the take medication of DM in regular time. Regular check-up of glucose level, and regular doing of general urine examination and urine culture to detect type of pathogen that cause the problems, also take medication to manage the urological problems as physician order and using of appropriate dietary guideline for DM patients and also appropriate for patient with urinary system health problems.

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