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Title : Urinary Laminin an Early Marker of Renal Function Decline in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Abstract :

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Diabetes results in both microvascular and macrovascular complications. Among the microvascular complications, diabetic kidney disease is one of the most serious, with significant impact on morbidity, mortality, and quality of life. Urinary laminin excretion is higher in diabetic patients compared to healthy controls, even before the development of microalbuminuria. determine the value of measurement of urinary laminin as an early marker for prediction of renal function impairment in patients with type-2 diabetes. This is a case-controlled study conducted on 60 patients (40 diabetic patients, 20 non-diabetic CKD patients) admitted to the Department of Internal Medicine, Menoufia University Hospitals. 20 healthy individuals were also included as a control group during the period of study. Informed consent was obtained from all participants who were be fully informed about the study according to ethical medical committee of Menoufia University Hospitals. Routine investigations were done then measurement of urinary laminin level by ELISA as a specific investigation. The urinary laminin was significantly higher in patients with proteinuria (both diabetic and non-diabetic) than control group and diabetics without proteinuria. It showed higher specificity with proteinuria in diabetic patients (80%) and non-diabetic CKD patients (100%) than in diabetic patients without proteinuria (70%). we concluded that Urinary laminin could be used as an early indicator for the presence of nephropathy in type 2-diabetic patients even before the appearance of proteinuria and instead of Microalbuminuria.

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