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Title : Ultrasound golden roles in early pregnancy failure and miscarriage diagnosis

Abstract :

To identify the ultrasonic role and its parameters in diagnosing early pregnancy failure and miscarriage. It is a retrospective surveyed study comprising 1750 pregnant ladies in their 1st trimester period, who were classified into three group: first group comprised 453 women with CRL 6.9 mm and above which expected to end in abortion early beside other gestational failure criteria, second group comprised 507 ladies who had threatened abortion sign and bleeding, they complete pregnancy period till 13 week of gestation then followed by pregnancy failure. third control group comprised 790 women with normal pregnancy. Ultra sonographic parameters comprised fetal heart rate (FHR), Gestational sac diameter (GSD), Crown-rump length (CRL), Yolk sac diameter, and GSD-CRL ratio Comparison between these parameters was conducted through sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV). Significant statistical difference were present among these two miscarriage groups and third control group, regarding Fetal heart rate (its mean value estimation among these groups were 99 +/- 15, 162.0, 159 in first, second and third grouop respectively while CRL mean value 6.95 mm, 7.30 mm, 8.7 mm in the first, second and third group respectively GSD and YSD were higher significantly in actual miscarriage (threatened abortion ending in actual abortion) as the mean 51.42 mm and 6.74 mm for the (first and second group), 38.6 mm and 4.68 +/- 0.35 mm GSD and YSD respectively for ladies who completed their pregnancy (third group) ladies with a mean GSD-CRL ratio < 5mm, comparing to the reference value mean GSD-CRL of 5–9.9 mm (42.9 % for the ratio < 5 mm vs. 15.6 % p <.0001 reference value for the mean ratio of 5 -9.9), actually miscarriage ladies was high among threatened abortion group ending with abortion with percentage (37%), sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV for ultrasonic indicators proved that ultrasonic can detect 89% of early pregnancy failure cases. Using ultrasonic techniques and devices to investigate and diagnosis early pregnancy failure have a golden role in management and reduce miscarriage cases , as it can also predict actual miscarriage which contributes in avoid occurrence of it.

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