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Title : Translation and Validation of the English version of Saringan Skala Sikap Selamat© (SaringSikap) assessment form

Abstract :

There are limited studies on evaluation tools to evaluate the driver's attitude towards safe driving practice among Malaysian drivers. The selection of the correct assessment tool is essential where it will produce valid and reliable results. The occupational therapist involved with driving rehabilitation should use a proper evaluation to identify patient fit to drive status. The main objective of the driving assessment is to ensure safe driving behavior in the driving rehabilitation program towards safe, independent driving. Due to language issues in Malaysia, this instrument uses Bahasa Malaysia as the medium relevant to the Malaysian population. Unfortunately, other collaborators and researchers outside Malaysia could not understand and interpret the result due to language barriers. Due to that, this study was conducted to help international readers have access to this questionnaire later. This study aimed to translate and validate the English version of the Saringan Skala Sikap Selamat© (SaringSikap) assessment form. The SaringSikap assessment form and the English version are also known as Attitude towards Safe Driving Scale © (ASDS). A language expert performed the one-way translation, and a pilot study was conducted among 125 young Malaysian drivers. The reliability of the English version of SaringSikap is found to be acceptable (Cronbach's alpha=0.76). The strength of agreement shown to be moderate (kappa, κ=.553), and scale-level content validity index (CVI) on both average and universal methods are high, 0.95 and 0.83, respectively.

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