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Title : Tranexamic Acid (TA) Inhalation Efficacy and Safety in Geriatrics on Anticoagulation Therapy -A Systematic Review

Abstract :

Tranexamic acid is a lysine amino acid derivative and a synthetic anti-fibrinolytic agent. It suppresses plasminogen production by binding to lysine receptor sites on plasminogen. The electronic databases NCBI and PubMed, as well as studies of Google Scholar and grey literature up to 2022 in research utilizing tailored keyword searches, were all searched. Out of selected 50 articles, 7 publications were utilized following assessment. Nebulized tranexamic acid may be used to treat both major and non-massive hemoptysis caused by a variety of underlying conditions, according to some data. TA's antifibrinolytic characteristics, minimal risk of adverse effects, and inexpensive price make it an appealing off-label option for the elderly, although research and data are still lacking to back up its frequent usage in anticoagulation.

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