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Title : Thoracomphalopagus conjoined twin: a case series

Abstract :

This study will describe some cases in thoracoomphalophagus conjoined twins. The description consists of patient characteristic, the factor that influenced mortality and the reconstruction method for chest wall defect closure. The patients were referred to hospital with thoracoomphalopagus conjoined twins. The variety of diagnostic procedure was used to measure the complexity of congenital abnormalities. Our team analyzed and decided whether the patients were operable or not. In conjoined twins’ separation procedure with large chest wall defect, we used the combination of mini plate and mesh for chest wall reconstruction. Among our conjoined twin’s patients, there was inoperable patients due to the complexity of heart defects. Among the operable patients, there was a patient with large chest wall defect that has been repaired with our original method. Sepsis was a major complication on post- operative care.

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