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Title : Therapeutic Effect of Garden Cress Seed Oil (Lepidium sativum) Extract and Alendronate on Histopathology and X- Ray Changes Against Glucocorticoids-Induced Osteoporosis in Female Rabbits

Abstract :

This study was designed to investigate of Garden Cress seed oil on the osteoporosis bone induced by dexamethasone. Twenty (20) mature female albino rabbit were used in this experiment and divided in to two groups; the first group was received distal water and set as the control negative group; whereas, the second group was involved 15 rabbits that injected with (IM) dexamethasone at 7 mg/kg daily for 3 months until osteoporosis is occurred and conformed by X-Ray. Blood sample was taken to detect Ca and P. After confirmation of osteoporosis, the dexamethasone group was divided into three subgroup, each one involved 5 rabbits. The first subgroup receive no treatment and set as control positive(CP), while the second sup-group received Garden Cress Seed Oil (GCSO) 400 mg/kg daily for two months. The third subgroup was received Alendronate at 70 mg/kg daily. X-ray was taken after the end of the experiment for the all groups. The study show that there is a significant (P≤0.05) increase in Ca and P level in the GCSO and Alendronate groups when compared to the CP group; while, X-ray image showed a significant increase in bone deposition in the GCSO and Alendronate groups when compared to the CP group. Histological study showed that GCSO help in building and reconstruction of the bone that was damaged and necrotic by Dexamethasone. The study concluded that GCSO have the same effect on osteoporosis bones as Alendronate.

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