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Title : The Use of Cow Dung- Polyurethane Mattresses as an Agricultural Soil

Abstract :

This study examined polyurethane foam as waste through the use of old foam mattresses made of polyurethane foam that is thrown out in large quantities and areas in landfills. It is widely known that polyurethane foam waste decomposes over time and that its collection pollutes the environment. Old modified foam mattresses are used in place of agricultural soil. This foamy soil was made by dipping pieces of foamy mattress in dissolved cow dung for ten days, and then testing it with three types of plants (Lepidium sativum), (Portulaca oleracea), and wheat. In the first instance, the germination time of (Lepidium sativum) and (Portulaca oleracea) reached 18 hours instead of two or three days. Rather than ten to twelve days, wheat was harvested within five to six days. Many measurements have been taken, including the ratio of growth, the speed of germination, the height of the stem, the size of the leaves, and others. The result obtained was compared with the reference plant grown on adjacent land for comparison purposes in terms of growth under similar conditions and weather factors.

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