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Title : The Toxic Effects of Toluene on oxidative stress status in the Genital system of Female Mice

Abstract :

Toluene is environmental pollutant and has many toxic effect on people in this experimental we study the toxic effect, twenty hundred and foure female divided into three groups as following: 1st groups administrated orally with distal water and olive oil as control group, 2nd group orally administration with (0.2 ml/kg B.W.) of toluene for one month from LD50, 3rd group administrated (0.22ml /kg B.W.) with toluene orally from LD50 for two month, we collected blood sample directly from heart at 0, 30 and 60 days of experimental for measurement Glutathione (GSH) and Peroxynitrite radical concentration related to toluene toxicity on reproductive organ. The results indicated toxic effects of toluene in reproductive organ sections show sever pathological lesion and decrease in GSH and Peroxynitrite.

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