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Title : The state of the cell leukocyte pool in children with pneumococcal pneumonia

Abstract :

Timely diagnosis of the immune defense system in children with pneumococcal pneumonia and the development of pathogenetically based therapy can significantly improve the prognosis of this pathology. Newborn children receive antibodies to many types of pneumococcus from their mother. However, as the level of antibodies decreases, the incidence of pneumococcal pneumonia increases from the second half of life. In the future, up to the age of 3, the level of antibodies to Streptococcus pneumoniae remains low, reaching the level characteristic of adults only by school age. This makes young children especially susceptible to pneumococcal infection. At the same time, due to the immaturity of immune mechanisms, children with pneumococcal infection have a very high risk of developing bacteremia.

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