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Title : The Silent Killer (Cancer): A Review

Abstract :

Cancer is a group of diseases whose cells are characterized by invasive and diffuse (growth and unlimited cellular division), and which split cells have the potential to invade and destroy neighboring tissues, or to move to distant tissues in a process called sepsis. These abilities are traits of malignant tumor as opposed to benign tumor, which is characterized by specific growth and inability to invade or be able to move. However, benign tumor can sometimes develop into malignant cancer. About 5-10% of cancers occur due to genetic defects (Cancer is generated by a mutation that occurs in a string of oxygen DNA. This string in the human body contains a set of orders for body cells that determine how to grow, develop and divide. Healthy cells sometimes tend to make changes in their DNA, but they can still correct the bulk of these changes, but if they can't make these corrections, the perverted cells often die, yet some of these deviations do. Cancer can be detected with certain signs and symptoms or screening tests. Further testing is then done through medical imaging and biopsy confirmation. Symptoms of cancer vary from case to case depending on the organ with cancer, some of the general symptoms of cancer are attributed to it, but they are not specific to cancer alone, and include (Fatigue, high temperature, sensable mass or amplification, changes to the surface of the skin, such as the appearance of yellow, dark areas of color or red spots, incurable wounds, persistent cough, sound, indigestion, etc.). Cancer treatment consists of various treatments, and cancer treatment options relate to several factors, such as: The type and stage of cancer, the general health status, as well as the patient's own preference and the application of cancer treatment are carried out with various objectives, including the following: (Treatment to kill or remove cancer cells, treatment to destroy residual cancer cells and treatment to treatment of side effects of cancer treatment.

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