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Title : The relationship of caffeine on cortisol level and genetic polymorphism of the adenosine A2A receptor

Abstract :

Billions of people depend on caffeine to wake up in the morning or to rejuvenate during a recession. This stimulant is, in fact, one of the most extensively utilized chemicals on the planet Caffeine is frequently mentioned. about because of its effect addressing anxiety and sleep by stimulating brain cells and the central nervous system. The current study's finding demonstrated a There was a substantial rise in the concentration of (p≤0.05) cortisol hormone in the blood of the study's participants members, where its grade of concentration reached (301.8±53.14) ng/mol in correlation to its serum concentration of the control sample, where it reached(157.7±36.08) ng/mol. The current study's findings also revealed the existence of a polymorphism in the or different kinds locations nitrogen-containing bases (SNPs) in rs4991, Rs201025926 and Rs201149976.

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