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Title : The Oblito A Surgical Error: Retrospective Analysis, Diagnosis And Cause Of Legal Medical Liability. Systematic Review

Abstract :

The oblito is an event of very low frequency but that can generate serious morbidity. It even causes death if it is not diagnosed and attended to with opportunity, in addition to increasing the costs of care, because the patient must be readmitted to the hospital and be surgically re-operated. For the present research, a compilation of scientific articles was made from databases such as Pubmed, LILACS, Scielo, Elsevier, Ebsco Host, and also for the search for this information, keywords such as textiloma; occupational risk; incidence; medical error; morbidity; diagnosis; surgical equipment, recklessness; negligence were used. The search was carried out in both English and Spanish and for the selection of the documents we took into account the type of impact that the journal has and the number of citations that you have the articles collected from the databases. For the case of the surgical oblito the review showed that there is a low incidence of oblitos, as well as report of the same, meaning this in a statistical way that indicates the oblito an adverse event not so frequent, however, also showed the review that it is not so frequent its report by the members of the surgical team especially by the surgeon and the instrumentalist (a) surgical (a) for fear of ethical-legal responsibilities.

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