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Title : The influencing of Maxillary Complete Dentures with Bases Fabricated by CAD/CAM and Conventional Maxillary Complete Dentures on the oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL): A clinical study

Abstract :

The use of conventional complete dentures in prosthesis for edentulous patients is considered to have acceptable results for most patients, despite some defects in the method of its manufacture, as a result, the computer technique (CAD/CAM) came to overcome most of these disadvantages. The aim of this clinical study was to compare the oral health-related quality of life (OHRQol) by OHIP-14 (Oral Health Impact Profile-14) between computer technique (CAD/CAM) in the manufacture of bases of maxillary complete dentures and conventional technique in participants with maxillary removable complete dentures. The sample included 12 edentulous participants (cross sample), ranging in age between 52-66 years (6 male and 6 female). Two maxillary dentures were constructed for each participant, one its base processed using the CAD/CAM system (group A) and the other one processed conventionally (group B). In group A, definitive zinc-oxide eugenol impressions were scanned (MEDIT- identica hybrid), and the stereolithography files (STL) were sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of bases for maxillary complete dentures fabricated by (CAD-CAM). In group B, the impression was poured to obtain a definitive cast that was used to fabricate a heat-polymerized acrylic resin dentures. Then, the [OHRQol] was studied by applying a questionnaire OHIP-14 (Oral Health Impact Profile-14). The data obtained was statistically analyzed using Student’s independent T-test and Mann-Whitney U Test. The level of confidence was set at 95%. There was statistically significant difference in the average mean values of each of the axes of OHIP-14 between the maxillary complete dentures with bases manufactured with (CAD/CAM) and conventional maxillary complete dentures (P-value=0.000). The results showed that the use of computer methods in manufacturing of complete dentures contributes in raising of the quality of life in the patients.

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