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Title : The Impact of Specialized Diabetes Foot Care Services Provided by Student Pharmacists at a Student Run Free Clinic

Abstract :

The student pharmacist led Diabetes Care Clinic (DCC) program provides comprehensive diabetes education, medication review, and free diabetic footwear and diabetic supplies to patients at a Student-Run Free Clinic. A Retrospective study was designed by using data collected from patient assessment sheets completed by student pharmacists assessing for foot related disorders during each diabetic patient encounter from 2010 to 2019. Over a period of 10 years, 798 student pharmacists have volunteered and reported 1208 patient encounter hours. A total of 258 diabetic patients were seen and 118 patients with foot related disorders were identified. Fungal foot infections (47%), neuropathy (29%) and foot deformities (15%) were the most prevalent and least common were foot ulcers (6%) and amputations (2.5%). DCC program is a unique learning and teaching model for student pharmacists. Interventions performed by student pharmacists’ results in positive patient outcomes and may lower the risk of diabetes foot related complications.

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