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Title : The Impact of Nutrition Education and Physical Activity on Changes in Nutritional Status in Adolescents Overweight and Obesity

Abstract :

Adolescent nutritional status determines adolescents' nutritional state and health into adulthood. Adolescents who experience more nutrition continuously can be at risk of degenerative diseases. Analyze the influence of nutrition education with media modules and physical activity on changes in nutritional status in overweight and obese adolescents. The research design was a quasi-experiment pre-post-intervention study. Of 38 respondents, the number of subjects consisted of two groups: the treatment and control groups. The treatment group was given nutrition education and physical activity, and the control group was not given any treatment. Data analysis using Independent sample test, Mann-Whitney test, Paired Sample test, and Wilcoxon test. Statistical test results showed the average treatment group decreased significantly in weight (2.38±0.65), BMI-for-age z-scores (0.23±0.47), waist circumference (-2.42±0.50 cm), and increased knowledge (26.84±7.67). In the control group, weight loss (-0.74±2.63) and BMI-for-age z-scores (-0.01±0.53), but waist circumference (0.10±0.93) and knowledge (4.47±6.21) increased both in the treatment group and in the control group. The results showed that there was a significant influence of nutritional education and physical activity interventions on weight loss (p=0.001), BMI-for-age z-scores (p=0.004), and waist circumference (0.004) in the treatment group and control group in adolescents. Nutritional education interventions using module media and physical activity effectively improve nutritional status in overweight and obese adolescents. Nutrition education with media modules containing balanced nutrition messages and the contents of my plate and physical activity with physical freshness gymnastics is one way to improve the nutritional status of adolescents.

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