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Title : The Hepatoprotective Effect of Cassia Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) Ethanolic Extract Against Paracetamol Toxicity in Rats

Abstract :

This study aimed to determine the hepatoprotective effect of Cassia cinnamon ethanolic extract on rats induced with paracetamol toxic dose. This study used 20 male albino rats divided into 4 groups, control group was given a placebo, the paracetamol group was given paracetamol dose at 2000 mg/kg with no extract treatment, the Cassia cinnamon ethanolic extract groups were give extract at the dose of 160 mg/kg and 320 mg/kg prior to and after being induced with paracetamol 2000 mg/kg. The extract treatment was given for 7 days before paracetamol single administration and continued until 10 days. The rat blood samples were taken through the lateral vein and then the levels of SGOT and SGPT were measured before treatment (day 0), post paracetamol administration (day 7), and after the last day of treatment (day 10). Then, a histopathological analysis of the liver was performed. The results showed Cassia cinnamon ethanolic extract could not prevent a significant increase in SGOT and SGPT (p>0.05) in rats after paracetamol administration at a toxic dose. However, based of histopathological analysis, the administration of Cassia cinnamon ethanolic extract at a dose of 320 mg/kg can prevent the presence of multifocal necrosis and liver histological changes compared to those treated with paracetamol only. It is concluded that Cassia cinnamon ethanolic extract at 320 mg/kg dose provides protection against liver structural damage due to toxic doses of paracetamol.

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