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Title : The Effects of Cardamom Seeds Extract (Amomum compactum) on Malondialdehyde, Histopathology and Testicle Weight: Experimental Study on Male Obesity Wistar Rats

Abstract :

In men, obesity is associated with low testosterone levels. In massively obese individuals, reduced spermatogenesis and associated with infertility. One infertility mechanism is due to the highly reactive oxygen species in obesity. A recent study showed that cardamom seeds could help improve health due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. To analyze the effects of cardamom seeds (Amomum compactum) on malondialdehyde, histopathology, and testicle weight of Wistar rats induced obesity. This study was using a true experimental with a post-test design. A total of thirty Wistar rats were randomly divided into Standard group (KN), Obesity group (K-), and Treatment groups (obesity + cardamom 45 mg/kg BW/day) P1, (obesity + cardamom 90 mg/kg BW/day) P2, (obesity + cardamom 180 mg/kg BW/day) P3. Obesity-induced by given high fat and carbohydrates diet. In the end, the testicle and blood sample were taken for examination. Testicle samples were weighed and stained using Hematoxylin and Eosin stains. There were differences in histopathology Johnsen score, MDA level, and testicle weight between groups K- and P1; P2; P3 (p<0.05). Furthermore, MDA level and testicle weight between groups P1; P2; P3 (p<0.05) were different. Furthermore, there was no difference in Johnsen's histopathology score between groups P1; P2; P3. The higher dose of cardamom seeds gave better Johnsen score, MDA, and testis weight. Cardamom extract seeds effectively reduce testicle destruction by antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms due to improving Johnsen's histopathology score, testicle weight, and lowering MDA level in obese rats’ subject.

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