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Title : The Effect of monitoring serum Estrogen and Progesterone 24hrs before FET on outcome of ART

Abstract :

Frozen embryo transfer is widely used fertility technique with good pregnancy outcomes. Monitoring of hormones prior to embryo transfer has shown better outcomes. To evaluate whether monitoring serum estrogen and progesterone one day before frozen embryo transfer predicts the outcome. This study is an observational prospective cross sectional study conducted in three fertility centers in Baghdad city-Iraq (Kamal al-Samarrai hospital fertility center, Baghdad privet fertility center and Al-Nada privet fertility center) during the period of ten months from1st of December, 2020 till 1st of October, 2021on convenient sample of one hundred infertile women. The outcome and duration of follow-up were done until fetal heart positive. Hormonal monitoring was done by taking blood sample from enrolled patients one day before embryo transfer in frozen cycle. The pregnancy outcome for all studied infertile women was positive in 35% of them and negative in 65% of them. The age, body mass index, embryo number and infertility diagnosis were not related to hormonal monitoring. The positive pregnancy outcome of infertile women was significantly related to hormonal monitoring (p=0.02). The monitoring of serum estrogen and progesterone one day before frozen embryo transfer is helpful in predicting pregnancy outcome.

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