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Title : the effect of intense pulsed light therapy with a wavelength of 560nm in Melasma Pigmentation Repair and Assesed with MASI score and Skin Analyzer

Abstract :

Melasma is a benign yet appearance disturbing in women, typically across Asians. IPL with 560 nm is one energy based therapy that can be used to treat melasma. This study is to examine the effect of Intense Pulsed Light Therapy with a wavelength of 560 nm in melasma pigmentation repair and assessed with MASI score and skin analyzer. This research is a type of analytical experimental research with randomized controlled clinical trials, single bind trials. The number of research subjects was 13 subjects in the control group and 13 subjects in each treatment group, so the total number of subjects was 65 people. The treatment group includes: control, IPL 1 session, IPL 2 sessions, IPL 3 sessions, and IPL 4 sessions. The study included 13 patients in 4 treatment groups and 13 control group patients. Results showed a significant difference in the third session of IPL. (p = x) on the difference in decreasing ASI scores between the treatment and control groups, and decreasing pigmentation parameters in the skin analyzer (p = x). There was a positive correlation between IPL sessions and MASI score (r=x), and a positive correlation between IPL sessions and skin analyzer pigmentation parameters (r= x). There is a high correlation relationship on the decrease in MASI score after the third session of IPL treatment, and there is a sufficient correlation on the decrease in MASI score after the third session of IPL treatment.

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