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Title : The Effect of Experimental Infection with C. Albicans Yeast in Rat Ovaries

Abstract :

The current study aims to determine the effects of experimental infection with C. albicans on the histological structure of the ovaries in pregnant female albino rats. 50 vaginal swabs for pregnant women are obtained by means of sterile cotton swabs from women who attended the gynecological consultation in the hospital and some clinics in the city. The isolates are diagnosed using the Chlamydial Spores test, as well as the diagnosis with the Vitek2 Compact system. Then, an experimental infection is induced in the reproductive system of female rats, as they are injected with a suspension of C. albicans yeast of 1.5 x 810 cells/ml concentration once daily until symptoms appear. The results of the microscopic examination of the ovarian tissue reveals necrosis, degeneration, lysis and desquamation of the follicular cells, congestion in the blood vessels, as well as their expansion and hemolysis, shedding of their lining, thickening of their walls, infiltration of inflammatory cells, fibrosis, severe hemorrhage in the stroma, and fibrous edema, Cytoplasmic eruption of a number of ovarian cells. Moreover, necrosis of corona radiata is found around the primary oocyte, focal pooling of inflammatory cells and an overnumber of fibroblasts.

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