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Title : The Effect of Applying the Program of the Continuous Medical Education on the Nursing Performance

Abstract :

This study examined the impact of HR's readiness to deploy CME on nursing staff performance. The study used these variables: Implementation of CME objectives, plan, teaching content, methodology, activities, and educational environment. The study employed a descriptive approach, and 208 personnel at Ohud Hospital in AlMadinah AlMunawarah city completed a questionnaire. After statistical analysis, the study found: On the axis (the plan), most respondents (3.9471) agree. They averaged 3.9247 on the axis (objectives) (agree). The axis showed respondents' answers (methods and activities). mean=3.87 The respondents' answers on the axis (educational environment) were (agree), with mean = 3.865 and standard deviation = 0.51452. Similarly, responses on the axis (educational material) averaged 3.8548 (I agree). The results suggested the following: The programmes should use practical ways in implementing the continuing medical education programme plan, as well as current and diversified activities and techniques connected to the activities and methods used. The lecture hall must have all components, such as support services for the CME programme plan, and the educational material must match the demands of the nursing staff. The educational atmosphere must give psychological comfort for the participants. And, the programme strategy and objectives must be flexible and adaptable, and employ modern and diversified activities and approaches related to education.

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