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Title : The Effect of 5A’s Self-Management on HbA1c Levels in Adults with Uncontrolled Glycemic

Abstract :

The prevalence of type 2 DM increased worldwide including its complications. By controlling HbA1c, the complications of DM can be reduced. There are a lot of strategies to reduce HbA1c. However, in term of nursing perspective is still unclear to be implemented especially in patient with adults. Hence, this study aimed to examine the effect of 5A’s self-management to reduce HbA1c levels in adults with uncontrolled glycemic. This was a quasi-experimental study design. Sixty adults with uncontrolled glycemic were assigned into an experimental group (EG) and control group (CG), with 30 participants in each group. The EG received the 5A’s self-management sequentially and the standard care for 12 weeks. The measurement of HbA1c was conducted and compared at baseline and 12 weeks after accomplish the program. The HbA1c was measured by using clinical device namely HbA1c BioHermes EZ 2.0 Glycohemoglobin Analyzer. This device was provided by the clinic of adults. The findings of the study showed that there were no significantly difference between EG and CG in term of age, gender, and FBG. Also, the participants in the EG showed a significantly improve to HbA1c (M=5,98; SD=0,74) compared to those in the CG (M=7,61; SD=0,34) with p-value <.05. The 5A’s self-management in the study was successfully reduce of HbA1c levels. The program was conducted individually and accompanied by family member to perform the 5A’s self-management sequentially. The result of the study demonstrated that this program is feasible, advantage, effective, and proper for adults with poor glycemic control.

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