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Title : The Difference in Radiological Outcome of Scoliosis Patient Operated with High and Low Density Pedicle Screw at Adam Malik Hospital in 2016-2021

Abstract :

Spinal deformities are characterized by a change in a position beyond certain normal limits of the vertebral region. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) consists of coronal, sagittal, and axial plane abnormalities. The development of more effective instrumentation results in better correction results with different correction maneuvers. Pedicle screw instrumentation is the currently reliable method for achieving optimal correction of deformities in AIS. satisfactory deformity correction was achieved with both high-density and low-density pedicle screw instrumentation. However, it is accompanied by a reduction in the duration of surgery and the amount of bleeding, Implant costs are also reduced by construction using a low-density pedicle screw. To determine the difference in radiological outcome in scoliosis patients operated with high and low density pedicle screws at Adam Malik Hospital in 2016-2021. This is an analytics retrospective study with a cross sectional design. The sample in this study is all Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis that underwent operative treatment in Adam Malik Hospital. The sample was obtained using total sampling method where all patients fulfilling inclusion and exclusion criteria are engaged in this study. Sample was obtained as secondary data from medical records. The obtained data is analyzed with t-independent test with p-value <0.05 is considered significant. A total of 25 subjects was obtained. All subjects are female (100%), with mean age 16 years (± 3.29), with 10 subjects in high density category and 15 subjects in LD category. Mean operating time is 245 minutes (± 50.06) and mean blood loss is 390 cc (± 222.67). There is no significant difference in scoliosis operation using high and low density pedicle screw implant with p-value 0.540 and 0.697 respectively. There is no statistically significant difference in radiological outcome between scoliosis patient operated with high and low density pedicle screw at Adam Malik Hospital in 2016-2021.

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