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Title : The cytogentic effects of Retin Drug on spermatogensis using sperm shape assay in male white mice

Abstract :

The morphology of sperm in mammals varies greatly, and despite the fact that sperm morphological diversity is recognized across taxa, its functional importance is unknown. The sperm of rodents is of great interest. Rodent sperm are often more complicated in many species, have a prominent apical hook, whereas most Eutherian mammal spermatozoa are very basic cells with round or paddle-shaped heads. The sperm hook's purpose is uncertain, but it's thought to have evolved as a response to inter-male sperm competition, and it's thus been linked to greater swimming efficiency or the development of collective sperm movement, to investigate sperm morphology and in vitro sperm aggregation and motility, we used sperm morphology and in vitro sperm aggregation and motility tests. whether the sperm hook morphologically varies and connects with sperm in certain species Competition, aggregation, or motility are all examples of these phenomena. The only medicine that works on all of the etiopathogenic pathways is systemic Retin. Retin has a number of well-known negative side effects. Aside from that, it's unclear whether it causes infertility or not. The goal of this investigation was to see how systemic Retin affected male mouse fertility. The spermiogram parameters all changed in a favourable way. The favorable effect of systemic Retin on male mouse fertility is not related to the gonadal axis, but rather to its regenerating and proliferative effects on the testes, Mitomycin C induced an increase in the percentage of malformed sperm after treatment for five consecutive days. It was found that this percentage was statistically significant at the level of <0.05 compared with the negative control.

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