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Title : The Coexistance of Condyloma Lata with Condyloma Acuminata in Teen Pregnancy : a Case Report

Abstract :

Syphilis and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection represent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that are frequently encountered in Indonesia. Secondary syphilis can affect nearly all bodily structures, with one of its clinical manifestations being condyloma lata, which can resemble condyloma acuminata, a manifestation of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection. The exact prevalence of coexistence between condyloma lata and acuminata remains uncertain. Considering that pregnancy constitutes an immunosuppressed state, the manifestations of HPV and syphilis may be more severe in pregnant women. A case is reported of a 17-year-old female, G1P0A0, with a gestational age of 17-18 weeks, presenting with the primary complaint of moist, malodorous nodules in the genital and buttock areas. The patient was diagnosed with a co-infection of syphilis and HPV, presenting simultaneously with large condyloma lata and condyloma acuminata clinical manifestations.

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