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Title : The Association of Serum CA-125 and Inhibin B Levels with Outcome in Ovarian Hyper stimulation and ICSI Cycles

Abstract :

Looking for a simple, noninvasive, easy to perform, predictor to the ovarian response and outcome in ICSI cycle. We tried to evaluate the prognostic value of serum CA-125 and Inhibin B measurements in predicting ovarian response to gonadotropin stimulation as well as in predicting the outcome of ICSI cycle. Sixty infertile women were divided into three groups each of 20 women. 20 polycystic ovary diagnosed by Rotterdam criteria, 20 normal responders and 20 poor responders according to history of previous IVF trial, age and ovarian reserve parameters (AMH, Antral follicular count). All the women on the same protocol (antagonist). We compared the CA-125 and inhibin B levels of three groups of patients at 3 times of treatment cycles: first day of treatment, the day of ovulation trigger and at the day of oocyte retrieval. There was a significant difference in the mean levels of both CA-125 and Inhibin B among three groups of patients, with a significant positive and linear correlations between Inhibin B (pg/ml) and CA-125 (U/ml) at time of ovulation trigger among normal responders and poor responders which may aid the prediction of response and outcome in these groups. The aim of this study is to evaluate the association of serum CA-125 and Inhibin B levels with the outcome of ovarian hyper stimulation.

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