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Title : The Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®) Effect on Clinical Outcome of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Patients

Abstract :

The complexity of tuberculosis (TB) treatment in HIV-infected patients is facing a challenge to both clinicians and patients. Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) is known to be beneficial for immunocompromised patients such as cancer patients. This study aims to explore the effect of AHCC to improve the clinical status of pulmonary TB in HIV-infected patients. All patients were followed up for clinical status and chest X-ray examination every three months after AHCC or placebo supplementation. After six months of placebo or AHCC supplementation, all clinical signs and symptoms were improved. None of the patients in both groups have cough and hemoptysis. Shortness of breath has well improved after 6 months of administrating AHCC compared to placebo which was 20%. Meanwhile, appetite has completely improved 100% after 6 months compared to placebo was still 32%. This was in line with the improvement in body weight (72% in placebo group vs 96% in the AHCC group). Meanwhile, nausea has not found in the AHCC group after 6 months compared to placebo has 8%. Also, vomiting was found 16% in the placebo group after 6 months dan no case in the AHCC group. Chest X-ray results showed improvement in both groups. In the sixth month, 80% in the placebo group was normal and 92% in the AHCC group. It is no different in acid fast bacillus (AFB) conversion between both groups. This study concluded that our findings after six-month AHCC 3 g/day supplementation lead to better clinical improvements in TB/HIV patients.

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