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Title : Synergistic effect of Antagomir molecule of Let7a transfection and CGIs-methylation on colorectal cancer progression

Abstract :

Colorectal cancer is currently most frequent cancer type in oncologic pathology. It is a prevalent disease among the elderly. siRNAs are double stranded RNA molecules with a length of 21-23nucleotides. The miR was given the nomenclature lethal7, Let7. Twelve genetic alleles of Let7 were described. Reduced serum let7 levels have also been documented in numerous tumors. The human colorectal adenocarcinoma(CRC) cell lines HT29(ATCC® HTB-38), and normal lung fibroblast cell line (ATCC® CCL-75) were utilized in this research for Let7a antagomir molecule transfection and CpGs-islands methylation. Cell counting was achieved for 6-well plate and 24-well plate prior to transfection using hemocytometer. The two cell lines were trans-fected with Let7a antagomir moleculer. Transfection efficiency, cell viability and target miRNA expression was conducted, then CGIs-methylation was achieved by bisulfate conversion. The present outcomes showed un-regula-tion of oncogene and down regulation of TSGs, in addition CpG-islands methylation showed significant methylation of TSGs promoter region and unblocking of oncogene promoter region. The researchers concluded that analysis of interperetation outcomes of Let7a(antagomir transfection)-CGIs-methylation led to exhibited of H29 cell line prolife-ration.

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