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Title : Surface endoglin expression on acute leukemia blast cells, Mansoura University Oncology Centre (OCMU)

Abstract :

New markers needed to predict the outcome of acute leukemia. CD105 (Endoglin) and CD56 (Neural cell adhesion molecule: NCAM) have been detected in various hematopoietic neoplasms. This study was performed to determine the prognostic values of CD105 and CD56 expression by flow cytometry in patients with acute leukemia (AL). CD105 and CD56 expression were evaluated in 150 de-novo acute leukemia patients by flowcytometry before start of therapy. Of 150 acute leukemia (AL) patients, 80 (53.3%) were positive for CD105 and 50 (33.3%) were positive for CD 56. In the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) group, CD105 and CD56 expressions were significantly associated with elevated Total leukocytic count (TLC) and unfavorable outcome. As regarding the Acute Myeloid leukemia (AML) group, CD105 and CD56 expressions were significantly associated with unfavorable outcome Age and CD56 were identified as independent risk factors for OS in ALL patients by multivariate analysis, whereas CD105 and CD56 were identified as OS predictors in AML patients. Regarding disease-free survival (DFS), CD56 expression and age in ALL patients, in patients with AML, CD105 and CD56 were independent risk factors for shorter DFS. CD56 and CD105 have been linked to poor outcome in acute leukemia, making them potential therapeutic targets in a subset of AML and ALL patients.

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