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Title : Study the Effect of different doses of Rapamycin on the liver development in the Swiss Albino Mice Embryos

Abstract :

The current study, which extended from February 2020 to June 2021 at the University of Thi- Qar\ College of Education for Pure Sciences, aimed to follow the changes in external morphological features at different Embryonic Developmental stages in pregnant mice treated with different doses of Rapamycin (Rapa). Use In this study, 32 pregnant mice were divided randomly into four groups, each of which had eight pregnant mice. Each group received different dose of Rapa via intraperitoneally injection at different gestation days until the end of the specified periods, whereas the control group received a DMSO. Mice were administered under the same circumstances and dosages were determined based on body weight, as specified in pharmaceutical constitutions. The results demonstrate that different doses of Rapa caused various alterations such as a megakaryocytes around, hepatocytes with pyknotic nuclei, inflammation cells, isolated foci of hepatic cell necrosis, marginated chromatin in some nuclei, giant cells also observed, karyorrhexis and karyolysis were observed in necrotic nucli during histopathological examinations of mice embryos’ liver. The findings of the current study revealed the fact that treatment of the early embryo by Rapamycin results in a histological changes demonstrating that rapamycin has teratogenic activity on embryo.

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