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Title : Study of the activity of the Meprin alpha hormone and lipid profile parameters in patients with diabetes in Kirkuk city

Abstract :

Diabetes mellitus is a collection of metabolic illnesses marked by hyperglycemia caused by insulin production, insulin sensitivity, or both. Diabetes-related chronic hyperglycemia is linked to lengthy deterioration, malfunction, and destruction of multiple organs, including the retina, renal, brain, hearts, and circulatory system. Investigation roles of Meprin alpha hormone and lipid profile parameters in pathogenesis of diabetes. Our study show high levels of glucose, cholesterol, TG, LDL, VLDL, and meprin alpha hormone in patients with DM compared to control with high significant different (p<0.05). in contrast, our results revealed decreased levels of HDL in patients than controls high significant different (p<0.05). We concluded the Meprin alpha hormone is play a major role in pathogenesis of diabetic mellitus and have raised sensitivity in screening patients with diabetes.

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