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Title : Study of Histological and Physiological Changes Induced by therapeutic dose of Paracetamol in Liver and Kidneys of Pregnant Mice

Abstract :

Although paracetamol is the first-line treatment for pain and fever during pregnancy, there are doubts about the safety of its use during this period. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the effect of paracetamol on the liver and kidneys histologically and functionally during pregnancy in laboratory mice. Twenty pregnant mice were used, which were divided into four groups, in each group five mice. Group I was the control, while group II pregnant mice received the drug at a dose of 0.18 mg/25 gm., group III animals were treated with 0.7 mg/25 gm. of the drug, and finally VI mice received a dose of 1.4 mg/25 gm. The drug was given orally from the sixth to the eighteenth day of pregnancy. The results of biochemical analyzes recorded a significant increase in the levels of hepatic and renal parameters in the serum of all paracetamol -treated mice compared to the control group. Histological examinations showed the occurrence of several hepatic and renal tissue lesions and at a higher rate in group IV which was characterized by the presence of degenerative change in the liver tissue that was not diagnosed in the other doses. The study concluded that the pharmacological doses of paracetamol during pregnancy are not safe enough and need more caution when used during pregnancy.

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